Living in a matchbox

I can remember my childhood full of patterns in my mother´s kitchen floor, with yarn and needles everywhere, and Burda magazines in every corners of the house. The sewing machine sounded every weekend, while my brother and I played to be mannequins.

My grandmother, who is 94 years old, crochets nowadays little socks for her grand grandchildren, and my mother, who is not so active as she used, always has something to make.

With these antecedents it was impossible not to even try a bit. I started as a game when I was a child, left it a bit apart in my teens and now it reemerges with strength.

Trying to use little time, my paying bills job leaves me, I create. I imagine objects, try to find inspiration in everyday elements, in short and long trips and try to give them form.

 I try to find a simple style. Try to play with different elements, and apply different knowledge. Leather, yarn, ceramic and lots of imagination. Without leaving apart the decorative sense of them, I try to give them a point of utility